Too much work auditing your SaaS apps?

In modern workplaces, SaaS is procured and managed by business people. 

While IT has visibility into core applications such as Office 365, G Suite, Slack and Zoom, they won’t know how other sensitive data bearing SaaS apps like Salesforce, JIRA, GitHub, Xero and Slack workspaces are managed by the various other business teams.

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Too much work auditing your SaaS apps?

Cyber Risk Management - Trust but verify

A key activity in setting up any new relationship with a third party is to assess any cyber risks to decide whether it is safe to proceed. A cyber risk assessment also ensures that both parties can agree on terms and conditions in any agreements related to managing cybersecurity risks.

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Why SSPM is becoming an integral part of risk management for every business

SaaS Security Posture Management (“SSPM”) is a new Gartner category defined as “tools that continuously assess the security risk and manage the security posture of SaaS applications.”

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Meeting MAS’s new technology risk management guidelines for SaaS-powered businesses

The key component of the revised Guidelines is reinforcing the “importance of incorporating security controls” in technology development and delivery lifecycle, as well as in the deployment of emerging technologies. It spells out that third-party services are to be assessed and managed ongoingly.

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Founder Introduction: Andy Budiman

Detexian is not my first rodeo in a start-up. Back in 1999 after only 1 year from Design college graduation, I started my own business in web design and development in Perth, Australia. It was during the dot com boom, I was way too confident back then, thinking that it would be a walk in a park and in a way, for the first few years or so, it did feel like that.  Armed with a design award that I won and multiple job offers from interstate and overseas, my ego was at an all-time high, I thought I knew it all.

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