SaaS to SaaS authorised apps, your ticking bombs for data breaches?

Do you want to know 

  • What unauthorised apps staff use with their corporate email accounts?

  • If those apps have access to your business and customer data?

  • When new apps are granted and permissions change?

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SaaS to SaaS authorised apps, your ticking bombs for data breaches?

Security with benefits

Need to justify the budget to monitor SaaS applications? Look no further. Introducing security with benefits. With Detexian you can save money on SaaS licencing while reducing risks to your organization.

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Automating Cyber Risk Assessments for SaaS apps

If clients ask you to do cyber risk assessments of their corporate apps (Office 365, G Suite, Salesforce, etc) and you plan to do that manually, you’re wasting time and money.

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Too much work auditing your SaaS apps?

In modern workplaces, SaaS is procured and managed by business people. 

While IT has visibility into core applications such as Office 365, G Suite, Slack and Zoom, they won’t know how other sensitive data bearing SaaS apps like Salesforce, JIRA, GitHub, Xero and Slack workspaces are managed by the various other business teams.

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Cyber Risk Management - Trust but verify

A key activity in setting up any new relationship with a third party is to assess any cyber risks to decide whether it is safe to proceed. A cyber risk assessment also ensures that both parties can agree on terms and conditions in any agreements related to managing cybersecurity risks.

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