Empowering businesses to say Yes to SaaS
Software-as-a-service (aka SaaS) adoption is outpacing organizations’ ability to secure sensitive data. This is made complex when most SaaS solutions are procured and managed by business units, not IT. It is a big problem for IT as they can’t secure what they don’t manage.
Detexian makes SaaS security simple to manage by centralising control and providing visibility and guidance. We lower the skill set and knowledge required to secure SaaS so organizations can adopt technology faster and safer.
"95% of cloud security failures will be the customer's fault"
Detexian is ONE place to
  • Manage Multi-SaaS configurations
  • Rectify users' risky actions
  • Standardize security policies
  • Deliver compliance at scale


  • Chief Executive Officer
    Tan Huynh
    Tan comes from a private equity background where he worked with Board members on developing strategies for risk control and corporate governance.
  • Chief Technology Officer
    Adrian Kitto
    Adrian brings 18 years experience in IT and cyber security with a focus on IDAM and Cloud technologies. Adrian has consulted for some of the largest financial, status and aviation companies in Australia and NZ.
  • Chief Product Officer
    Andy Budiman
    Andy brings the Human Centered Design approach into product development. He designed and developed a world's leading cloud-based enterprise workflow automation platform that integrates with O365, Sharepoint, Salesforce, DocGen and Box.


710 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3008