Detect and stop intruders in 5 minutes

(that's how long it takes to install our intrusion detection and response software)

Upon installing, you’ll have:

  • your event logs scanned in real time, 24/7 by our cutting edge AI technology.
  • our security engineers triage and investigate suspicious activity.
  • real-time alerts and remediation proposals when attackers break in, steal your valuable data or put at risk your IT systems.

Simple install. No configuration, hardware, nor consultants required.

Been victim of cyber attacks?

If you have experienced a data breach, you know that detecting and addressing indicators of compromise early saves you money. It also saves you customers.

Confused about cyber jargon and many vendors tooting solutions that sound similar and expensive? You’re not the only one. So are we. And that is why we built Detexian.

Threat detection made simple

Detexian is a 5-minute online install before you find out if you are being attacked,  compromised or your system has experienced a critical failure that requires your attention.

Detexian makes 24/7 threat detection simple. We act as your security staff so that you can focus on running your business.

If you don’t have an in-house security team or use an MSSP because they are too complicated and expensive for what you need, read on. Detexian can solve your security gap problem.

The fastest way to an enterprise-grade intrusion detection solution

Ask your sysadmin to install Detexian online. In 5 minutes, you’ll start learning if you are being attacked, compromised. Spare yourself from paying top dollar for what you don’t need and sitting through weeks of configuration and training.

Sign up online with your company email. No credit card required.

Download and install Detexian’s log centralizer in just five minutes.

Welcome aboard! Start receiving alerts and security information.

How Detexian protects you

Detexian employs artificial intelligence to screen event log data for security threats. Log review is one of the most effective ways to identify early signs of attack and intrusion for prompt mitigation and understand what happened before, during and after an intrusion.

Threat monitoring

Our AI security algorithms analyze your system activity patterns 24/7. At a glance, see system security information via user dashboard.


Deep investigation

Our security engineers triage, investigate and research suspicious activity and only alert you on real threats.

Alert and remediation

We get in touch right away with a proposed solution when something bad is happening on your system.

Quick facts about Detexian

Detexian detects indications of attack, compromise, system failure present in event log data.

Detexian uses artificial intelligence to analyze the event log data for irregular activities. Our security engineers review and triage the suspicious activities before alerting the customer on any incident.

Though most of what Detexian detects has already happened as recorded in the logs, the findings can help you attend to early signals of attack and intrusion to prevent costly damages from happening. Many companies discover they have been breached from external sources. e.g. law enforcement bodies, which can be embarrassing.

A combination of both. Detexian automatically blocks persistent brute force attempts and bad reputation IP addresses trying to break into your systems.    

Detecting and mitigating intrusion risk early is key to minimizing cost of damages and maintaining business continuity.

No security systems are infallible.Though protective measures such as anti-malware and web application firewalls are crucial, they do not block every attack and hackers need only one successful attempt to come into your systems.

Detexian acts as an essential layer of defense and detects in real time irregular activity that is happening on the internal side of the firewalls, such as installation of network sniffing software, attempts to communicate to unknown external IP addresses, changes to critical files, etc. that may be indicative of intruders trying to exfiltrate data or corrupt your IT systems.

It’s great that you have back-up for disaster recovery. What we do for you is reduce the possibility that you need to resort to disaster recovery back-up, by providing you with 24/7 vigilance to early signals of security breach and solutions to address them.

Detexian collects event log data from your IT systems such as kernel, services, applications, authentication activity, security logs, audit logs, etc.

Detexian collects event log data only. We can apply additional filters to the data collected should you require.

The data is analysed at Detexian’s side. Nothing is done at the customer’s side other than the collection of event log data in real time.

Data is stored for 7 days.

Confidentiality of Information is included in our Terms of Use. Detexian will not use any Confidential Information for any purpose outside the scope of the service and will limit access to Confidentiality Information to our employees, contractors, advisors and agents. Upon notice to you, we may disclose Confidential Information if required to do so under any federal, state, or local law, statute, rule or regulation, subpoena or legal process.

To send logs to Detexian, you install our lightweight agent on any chosen host you wish to monitor. The installation takes 1 minute on average per host.

  1. Create online account at
  2. Install our log centralizer on any chosen host. 
  3. Then you’re good to go.
  • Access to event logs.

  • Windows 2003 or newer or Linux CentOS 6 / Ubuntu 14 LTS or newer.

It takes 1 to 2 minutes to install Detexian’s log centralizer. Once installed, you’re all set.

It helps with the whole section 10 (log monitoring) of PCI.

You create an account then install Detexian’s log centralizer on hosts you’d like monitored. Upon installation, you’ll receive a security assessment report. We’ll also schedule a results call with you to walk through the findings to get your settled in.

On average, we observe RAM usage with an RSS of 49M and a VSS of 23M and 0.1% of CPU utilization.

Our software does not listen on any ports or take commands from us or anyone else. It presents no attack surface to those outside of your organization. It does run as root so that it can read log files but takes input from nowhere else.

Detexian can automatically block persistent brute force attempts and bad reputation IP addresses trying to break into your systems.

For other threats that require administrative access to address, we will assist your system administrators to remediate the issues.

Email and phone support from our technical team (between AEST 8:30am to 6:30pm).

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