Secure Slack, Zoom and
your productivity suites while employees work from home
Enable secure collaboration.
Monitor privileged access.
Detect MFA exceptions.
Secure data sharing.

Monitor privileged access

Privileged users can change configuration and users, destroy and export data. For example, Slack workspace owners and admins can change, enable channels and file sharing and let users perform many functions that are irreversible.

Detexian highlights excessive privilege issues and notifies changes so you always stay on top of who controls the data.

Detect MFA exceptions

MFA is the most effective control in preventing Business Email Compromise & Password Reuse attacks. The risk of these attacks is much larger when the compromised account is either a privileged user or a C-Suite executive due to their authorization to make system/data changes and access to customer and financial data.

Detexian provides continuous oversight of exceptions to MFA policy to prevent security breaches.

Secure data sharing

Productivity suites such as Slack, Zoom, G Suite, Office 365, Box give users options to share data with internal and external parties. This can lead to leakages of business critical and customer sensitive data.

Detexian provides visibility of DLP events, mail auto-forward rules, external file/drive sharing and presence of external and guest users.

Secure your productivity suites while
employees work from home
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