Our Mission is to protect small and medium businesses from cyber attacks by providing them with a convenient and scalable, enterprise-grade solution.

CEO & Founder
Tan Huynh

Business hacker. 15 years investing & growing businesses.
Stanford University

CTO & Founder
Tracy Reed

Ethical hacker. 20 years sysadmin & security engineering.
San Diego State University

CMO & Founder
Fernando Alarcon

Growth Hacker. 15 years product & business development.
Stanford University.

Head of Development
Vinod R S

Solution Architect. 14 years software development.
Anna University.

A modern-day business needs a modern-day team of industry experts. The Detexian team keeps abreast with "what's what" in today's cyber world, and combines it with our experience to inject priceless value into your business. Discover more today.

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