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What is event log monitoring?

Your IT systems can generate daily millions of log data, a small portion of which contains security information such as failed password attempts, user anonymous not found, webpage not found, segmentation fault etc. Event logs are key to understanding how attackers are gaining / have gained access, what’s at risk, and having a plan to deal with it. 

Detexian screens log data in real time for these security insights. It does not require access to commercially sensitive data to do the job.

Save time and money with Detexian

  • Quick: 5 minute online software install.

  • Convenient: deploy any time, anywhere on premise, or in any cloud.

  • Cost effective: $99/month plug and play.

More Questions?

We make cybersecurity simple; we’ll take care of the hassle. If you have more questions regarding our technology or if we meet your or your customers needs, contact us.

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