Detexian does the job you rarely have time for

Detexian removes the task of regular log review from your plate. We will alert you to operational and security issues as they are detected in the log events sent to us.


No more manual log review for security issues you rarely have time for. Detexian automates this task in real time, 24/7.


We block certain attacks and alert on indicators of attack, compromise and operational failures.


We filter out false positives from real threats with human triage. You get actionable alerts and security information.

1 hour threat detection

  • 5 minute online install on Linux/Windows servers.
  • No manual configuration, hardware, security expertise required.
  • Deploy any time, anywhere on-prem, AWS, GCP or any cloud provider.

More Questions?

We make cybersecurity simple; we’ll take care of the hassle. If you have more questions regarding our technology or if we meet your or your customers needs, contact us.

What our customers say

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