Our collective experience drives us to create
simplicity in security postureĀ 
so businesses can make
informed choices of SaaS solutions.
  • Chief Executive Officer
    Tan Huynh

    Tan comes from an investment banking & private equity background where he worked with Board members on developing strategies for risk control and corporate governance.

  • Chief Technology Officer
    Adrian Kitto

    Adrian brings 18 years experience in IT and cyber security with a focus on IDAM and Cloud technologies. Adrian has consulted some of the largest financial and aviation companies in Australia and NZ.

  • Chief Product Officer
    Andy Budiman

    Andy brings Human Centered Design into product development. He designed and developed a leading cloud enterprise workflow automation platform that integrates with Office 365, Sharepoint, Salesforce and Box.

VC Backed
710 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3008
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