Our purpose is to simplify SaaS security and
enable businesses to use SaaS securely.

  • Tan Huynh
    Tan Huynh
    Chief Executive Officer

    A Stanford Sloan fellow with a Master in Management and Leadership, Tan provided strategic advice to some of the largest global companies in Europe, Asia and Australia during his time at Citi, Nomura, ABN AMRO.

  • Adrian Kitto
    Adrian Kitto
    Chief Technology Officer

    A leader in IDAM and Cloud technologies, Adrian has consulted some of the largest cloud-first enterprises in Australia and NZ. He is passionate about enabling shared cyber responsibility between business and IT.

  • Andy Budiman
    Andy Budiman
    Chief Product Officer

    A serial entrepreneur and leader in Human-Centered Design for enterprise software, Andy designed and developed a cloud enterprise workflow automation platform that has become the global industry standard today.

Our Investors

  • Right Click Capital
  • 500 Startups
  • CyRise

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