Improving SaaS security hygiene with Detexian

Identify security misconfigurations

Detexian surfaces security misconfigurations across multiple SaaS solutions.

Focus attention on what matters:

  • Are my critical services running and available?
  • Are there any changes in access privileges?
  • Are there any exceptions to the rules?

Monitor compliance

Detexian enables continous monitoring against information security regulations and compliance standards.

Reduce effort and maximize resource

  • Identify what mandatory security controls are not met
  • Keep up to date with changing regulatory compliance

Improve SaaS security hygiene

Detexian recommends work packages to improve SaaS security hygiene and helps track progress over time.

  • Prioritize work and track progress
  • Immutable e-history of compliance
  • Powerful reporting
Identify SaaS security misconfigurations with Detexian in
less than an hour
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