Detexian uplifts organizations' capabilities to continuously secure SaaS and comply with changing regulations.


security baseline


configuration & policy


responses to drift


security posture

Detexian provides a streamlined process to

  • classify SaaS data
    • internal
    • restricted
    • confidential
  • assign mandatory controls in line with
    • business priorities
    • applicable regulations, e.g. GDPR, APRA, HIPPA
    • applicable compliance frameworks, e.g. NIST, PCI-DSS
  • set Mandatory Security Baseline.

Adam is Head of IT who

  • is in charge of core SaaS solutions (Office 365, Slack, Zoom);
  • has no centralized configuration oversight of the other 200 SaaS solutions;
  • is tasked with ensuring effective controls for organizational data.

With Detexian, Adam is able to

  • set Mandatory SaaS Security Baseline for his company;
  • know the gaps and what to fix;
  • continuously monitor for service and user non-compliance issues;
  • uplift overall security posture.
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