Eliminate SaaS risk blind spots

Discover backdoor accounts, excessive privileges and configuration drift

Privileged access oversight

As admins can change, delete, export data, and allow users to perform many functions that are irreversible, it is critical to keep track of who the admins are and if any changes have occurred over time for audit reasons.

Authentication oversight

Often there are active accounts in a SaaS solution that are not federated. These pose a significant security risk to SaaS solutions holding business critical and customer sensitive data. They will often be missed in user audits.

Not having Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enabled everywhere it is available makes it easy for bad actors to impersonate and take over accounts to steal valuable data.

External sharing oversight

Productivity suites such as Slack, Zoom, G Suite, Office 365, Box give users options to share data with external parties. This can lead to leakages of business critical and customer sensitive data.

With Detexian, you will have ongoing visibility of DLP events, mail auto-forward rules and external file/drive sharing.

Account configuration oversight

Often there are inactive accounts in SaaS applications that businesses unknowingly continue to pay licenses for. These accounts not only cost money, they also increase data theft risk. There are also external and guest accounts that were meant for temporary use but mistakenly overextended.

With Detexian, you can easily check, review and remove these accounts if no longer needed.

A bird’s eye view of your security configurations

Single pane of glass across Office 365, G Suite, Atlassian, Salesforce, and other platforms

Assess risks in your own context

Adopt best practice security baselines or set your own for important SaaS applications and monitor from one place.

Monitor controls for classified data

Not all SaaS data is equal. Monitor controls commensurate with your data classification and track changes over time.

Get a bird’s eye view

Regulatory compliance made easy

Generate audit reports to demonstrate evidence of control effectiveness over time

Immutable activity logs

Regulated, externally audited and companies investigating a potential security incident require evidence of security control effectiveness and changes.

Detexian delivers this with a centralized immutable activity log of what and when changes to each SaaS’s security configuration have happened.

Powerful reporting

Enable security analytics that business teams understand and care about so they’ll get better at using SaaS securely.

Generate Audit Reports

Eliminate SaaS risk blind spots

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