Partners' benefits

Our partners are their customers’ trusted advisers. Detexian works with trusted advisers such as security consultants, PCI-DSS assessors, MSPs, MSSPs and insurance brokers to add value to customers and enhance their experience.

Speed to assessment

Detexian removes the heavy lifting for customers’ SaaS security posture assessment. Simple onboarding. Connect once. Report any time.

Immediate ROI for customers

Keeping SaaS risk and spend under control is an expensive and resource-intensive exercise if done manually. Automation can free up days of productivity, reduce cost and risk for your customers.

With Detexian, reducing SaaS spend and risk for customers is a matter of minutes.

Enhance customer experience

With Detexian’s simple risk reports, you can better communicate risks and identify areas to add value to customers.

Become our partner

  • Speed of assessment
  • Immediate ROI for customers
  • Enhance customer experience
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