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Every SaaS solution is unique in user configuration

Making sense of user configuration and differences across multiple SaaS platforms, then keeping track of unauthorized changes is crucial to secure data. Common user misconfigurations such as lack of MFA, excessive privileges, unauthorized data sharing are leading causes of data breaches.

Traditionally, security consistency required significant efforts

Achieving this required a combination of manual resource-intensive audit efforts, complex deployment of multiple security tooling as well as dedicated security headcount, which most organizations can’t commit.

Consolidating security visibility across multiple SaaS platforms

Detexian is a single pane of glass across Office 365, G Suite, Atlassian, Salesforce, and other platforms. It normalizes configuration variations, helping customers make sense of their risks in the context of their information security and data classification policies.

This means customers don’t need to master the security settings of every SaaS solution to secure it. Detexian significantly reduces efforts to manage SaaS security hygiene and meet regulatory requirements.

Consolidating security visibility across multiple SaaS platforms

Complementing identity access management solutions

Detexian complements IDAM solutions such as OKTA, Azure AD. Combining IDAM and Detexian ensures both secure identity to and user configuration inside SaaS, as well as exposing backdoor accounts IDAM can miss.

Where IDAM is unavailable, Detexian provides visibility of identity, MFA enforcement and irregular access.

Complementing identity access management solutions

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