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LAB Group Services Pty Ltd (LAB Group) provides SaaS solutions for customer acquisition, identity verification and onboarding across a number of areas of financial services.

While LAB Group expands its global operations, strengthening security controls solidifies customer confidence and expands its industry reach.

Staying on top of SaaS apps

Staying on top of

  • who's got access to which SaaS apps with what privileges,
  • if users are logging in securely and
  • if sensitive data is being shared securely, and keeping track of changes became increasingly challenging as LAB Group expanded its operations and user base

Detexian provides LAB Group with continuous oversight of users’ access and security settings across critical SaaS applications by reporting and alerting on access changes and policy exceptions.

Solidifying Confidence in security due diligence process

Many of LAB Group’s prospective customers are large financial institutions who follow stringent vendor security assessment processes. Prospective Customer security teams seek to verify security control effectiveness and want assurances that ISMS policies are being enforced.

Detexian provides LAB Group with an independent, continuous verification of security controls for critical SaaS apps for which reports can be generated on demand. This not only provides the assurance security teams are looking for but also speeds up vendor due diligence responses - sometimes drastically reducing the time to onboard new customers.

Eliminate SaaS risk blind spots
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