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AustCyber is the peak body for Australia’s cybersecurity industry. As a lean organisation, AustCyber leverages SaaS platforms to power productivity, collaboration and communication.

Ensuring SaaS platforms are managed in accordance with security best practices is a business priority.

Security visibility over SaaS platforms

As some of AustCyber’s SaaS platforms are managed by third-party service providers, Detexian gives AustCyber continuous oversight as to whether external service providers are ensuring they have configured and managed AustCyber’s SaaS platforms securely.

Detexian provides AustCyber with a neat solution that monitors unauthorised changes in SaaS configurations and systems access.

Security posture audit and report

As the security industry’s peak body, AustCyber adheres to industry best practices in terms of security posture management, audit and report.

Detexian provides AustCyber executive management with a clear picture of their security risk register across SaaS platforms to prioritise work.

Eliminate SaaS risk blind spots
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