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Les Mills International

Les Mills International is a globally diverse business, requiring IT solutions to work on every continent with the same, efficient experience. The Company achieves this by leveraging a wide range of SaaS applications.

Anthony Naulls is the Head of Technology, responsible for the Company’s global IT operations and data security. The lack of centralized visibility across the many SaaS applications made it challenging for him to manage well and ensure security compliance.

Achieved operational efficiency

With Detexian, Anthony has ongoing visibility across his technology stack and first-hand information when issues or configuration changes arise. This level of control is now part of a BAU process, improving the IT team’s operating efficiency.

Previously, assessing security gaps and uplifting security posture could only be undertaken on a project basis or part of an investigation as it was costly and resource-intensive, requiring both dedicated IT headcount and security consultants.

Peace of mind

Les Mills staff are mostly non-technical, frequent travelers spread across the world. This user profile represents a high and constant risk. Having immediate visibility over account misconfigurations gives Anthony peace of mind he needs, to run a safe IT operation.

Improved stakeholder engagement

With Detexian, there is little ambiguity of what’s working and what needs to be improved. The reports are simple to understand, enabling Anthony to get executives’ buy-in to undertake security improvement works.

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