Cyber Risk Management - Trust but verify

A key activity in setting up any new relationship with a third party is to assess any cyber risks to decide whether it is safe to proceed. A cyber risk assessment also ensures that both parties can agree on terms and conditions in any agreements related to managing cybersecurity risks.

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Cyber Risk Management - Trust but verify

What must the C-Suite know about risks associated with SaaS adoption?

In fast growing companies, SaaS adoption outpaces the ability to keep track of security. Staying on top of who’s got access to which SaaS apps and with what privileges, who’s sharing sensitive data with whom, how’s data flowing between SaaS apps is a real challenge for IT/security teams because they don’t manage all the SaaS apps themselves. Gartner has estimated that “By 2024, 70% of IT organizations will lack the relevant roles, skills and tools to support SaaS-enabled digital transformation.”

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The Decision Making Process in accepting SaaS for the Workplace

Damian Fasciani, Director of Technology at Culture Amp, a culture-first organization, shares his thoughts on how forward-thinking Technology and Security Teams at modern workplaces can observe and consult on risk levels, while giving business teams the autonomy to manage their own SaaS tools in a digital world.

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Which major SaaS platforms allow users outside your organization to have privileged access?

External users can be found in all major SaaS platforms, sometimes with the highest level of privileged access. Find out how to spot them.

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