Key takeaways from “Modern workplace SaaS risks” webinar

The topic of discussion was centered around opportunities and challenges arising from fast-paced SaaS adoption across businesses and industries, and how the role of IT has evolved as a result. 

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Key takeaways from “Modern workplace SaaS risks” webinar

Detexian at GovPitch 2020

We are excited and proud to be in GovPitch 2020 showcasing our solutions. Featuring 11 innovative Australian cyber security companies with cutting edge, deep-tech solutions.

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Detexian on Startup Daily TV

Watch our Co-Founder/ CEO Tan Huynh on Startup Daily TV talking about SaaS risk blind spots.

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Detexian at Maryland RSA pitch competition

bwtech@UMBC and the Maryland Department of Commerce, invites you to see Detexian deliver a three minute product pitch at RSA.

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Detexian at RSA Conference 2020

How do you help business teams use their SaaS securely at all times?

Come hear Detexian’s unique take on SaaS security

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