Founder Introduction: Andy Budiman

Detexian is not my first rodeo in a start-up. Back in 1999 after only 1 year from Design college graduation, I started my own business in web design and development in Perth, Australia. It was during the dot com boom, I was way too confident back then, thinking that it would be a walk in a park and in a way, for the first few years or so, it did feel like that.  Armed with a design award that I won and multiple job offers from interstate and overseas, my ego was at an all-time high, I thought I knew it all.

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Founder Introduction: Andy Budiman

Founder Introduction: Adrian Kitto

Before I co-founded Detexian as the CTO, I had a long career in Information Technology which started onboard HMNZS Te Kaha as an Electronics Technician. Working on classified equipment at sea was my first exposure to both security and doing things right the first time, a mantra I still live by today.

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