How do you detect when your staff are forwarding sensitive data externally or when a mailbox has been compromised?


In a modern cloud-based business, messaging is critical. Your staff often want to be able to use any device from any location to send and receive email; and if it’s not an option, they will create auto-forwarding to get around the rules to their personal accounts which offer this flexibility.

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How do you detect non-federated SaaS accounts that are often missed in privileged user audits?


The modern SaaS-powered workplace typically relies on federating SaaS solutions against a single identity directory such as Azure AD, Google Identity or Okta to simplify user onboarding and offboarding in a highly secure manner.

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Do all your users have MFA enabled and enforced in their SaaS solutions?


Did you know that the Australian Signals Directorate essential Eight strategies to limit the extent of cyber security incidents includes Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) as a mandatory control for all users? Do all your users have MFA enabled in their SaaS solutions?

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Do you know who the admins with privileged access in all your SaaS solutions are?


Do you know who the admins with privileged access in all your SaaS solutions are?

You should always be sure your SaaS admins are who they’re supposed to be; more importantly, that you know first hand if there are any irregular changes in access privileges.

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