You got good security hygiene for core, centrally managed SaaS solutions. What about those not centrally managed and spread across different business teams?


This picture is all the bullet holes found in allied planes that survived bombing runs in WWII. The logical thought was to fortify all the areas that had been hit by bullets, an American statistician asked the question? Where are there bullets that would have hit the blank places on the planes? The answer? Those were in the planes that DIDN'T survive to return to base.

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Are you able to identify the 1% users that can take down your organization?


1% users can take down their organization because they account for 75% cloud risk, according to a CISCO study. And this disproportionate risk is consistent across financial services, education, government, manufacturing, retail and other industries.

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Can "design thinking" reshape the information security industry?


The information security industry has always struggled to translate its messaging from complex, technical terms into information that’s useful to boards and management teams focused on risk.

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Podcast - Can businesses entrust workers with care of sensitive data in a multi-SaaS world?


In this week's Startup Daily. podcast, Detexian co-founder/CEO, Tan Huynh, discussed the Detexian story and its vision to provide simple security visibility to empower businesses to entrust workers with care of sensitive data in a multi-SaaS world.

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