What are teams using Slack for?


Team chat is just the mean. Business teams use Slack as a repository of confidential data and files which can be shared easily, often without security considerations. As Slack owners and admins can enable users to perform many data sharing functions, misconfiguration of permission and security controls can lead to data breaches.

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Securing cloud data while employees work from home


With the spread of COVID-19, today WHO declared it a pandemic. This has caused most businesses to reevaluate their business continuity plans and often add “Work from home” as a contingency option, which has caused IT and security teams to hastily deploy this capability for their organisation.

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Detexian at Maryland RSA pitch competition


bwtech@UMBC and the Maryland Department of Commerce, invites you to see Detexian deliver a three minute product pitch at RSA.

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Detexian at RSA Conference 2020


How do you help business teams use their SaaS securely at all times?

Come hear Detexian’s unique take on SaaS security

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Eliminate SaaS risk blind spots

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