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Need to justify the budget to monitor SaaS applications? Look no further. Introducing security with benefits. With Detexian you can save money on SaaS licencing while reducing risks to your organization.

If your team is responsible for user onboarding / offboarding and keeping track of who’s got what access to which SaaS apps in your organisation, you know it’s a pain in the ass and things get missed. 

Justifying the extra budget to keep things under control is not always easy when it’s supposed to be your job and you have to answer to both the CFO and CRO (or CEO) at the same time. The questions these executives ask vary but can normally be summed up with the following:

  1. Are we using what we pay for?

  2. What risks are the SaaS we use introducing to our company?

For your average mid-sized company these are very hard to answer. The combination of changing products, decentralised SaaS ownership, confusing licensing and staff turnover all increase the complexity to answer these questions.

With Detexian, you are able to answer both questions at any point in time, which means you can optimise SaaS spend while reducing risk. We call that “security with benefits”. 

Where do cost savings opportunities come from?

They come from tracking down unknown, unused, unauthorised accounts across your SaaS footprint. These accounts not only expose your organisation to data theft and breaches, they also cost money. 

Can’t we just log into each SaaS application, look up the user list and identify those accounts? There are many reasons why this is easier said than done:

  • No one has the time,

  • No one knows why certain accounts exist and but afraid to close them and break things,

  • Users missed in offboarding due to inconsistent identification details across SaaS apps,

  • HR doesn’t share information with IT,

  • Business teams grant access to external parties without IT knowing,

  • Federation / SSO is not enforced for all SaaS apps,

  • Etc. 

The consequences are that you end up paying for way too many SaaS accounts than you know your user base needs but there isn’t any easy way to track them down. Does this ring a bell?

SOLUTION: plug the SaaS apps you want to clean up into the Detexian platform. At any point in time, you can generate a report of any unknown, unused and unauthorised accounts across the SaaS apps. Our remediation workflow makes it quick and simple for you to validate, obtain approval from relevant stakeholders to disable access and reclaim licenses.

What risks are the SaaS we use introducing to our company and how to reduce them? 

Try answering these questions:

  • Who are the admins of critical SaaS apps? Would I know if there have been any changes?

  • Who can access which SaaS apps? Do they still need access?

  • What data is being shared outside my organization and with whom?

  • Are we at risk of breaching DLP policy requirements with customers?

If you need to conduct a major security audit to answer these questions, you are unnecessarily exposing your company to risk blind spots that can be easily and cost effectively eliminated. 

SOLUTION: with Detexian, at any point in time, you can answer the above questions with confidence. Our remediation workflow makes it quick and simple for you to validate issues and obtain approval from relevant stakeholders to remediate risks.


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