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Too much work auditing your SaaS apps?

In modern workplaces, SaaS is procured and managed by business people. 

While IT has visibility into core applications such as Office 365, G Suite, Slack and Zoom, they won’t know how other sensitive data bearing SaaS apps like Salesforce, JIRA, GitHub, Xero and Slack workspaces are managed by the various other business teams. 

As these SaaS solutions are integrated into the customer communications, support and marketing business processes, substantial business risk is being occurred due to misconfiguration. Generally the challenges are:

  • Discovery efforts: Often it takes time to identify the business owner / privileged users of solutions managed by the business;

  • Engagement: Scheduling meetings in order to get access to the SaaS to assess which may require additional appointments to share a screen;

  • Complexity of the SaaS(s): Knowing where critical settings are located in the dashboard or what they’re called often changes from one system to the next;

  • Criteria: Lack of baseline configuration standards to assess against. While some vendors may have a hardening guide industry standards such as CIS Benchmarks often do not exist.

Automate your SaaS apps’ audit with Detexian

At Detexian, we understand businesses want to reduce manual effort and cost to stay on top of SaaS risks. 

We have developed a product offering to automatically report and track the security posture of SaaS apps without disrupting business users carrying on their daily tasks. 

Starting with the Detexian SaaS Assurance Report, you KNOW the good, the bad and the ugly of their SaaS risks IN MINUTES without any manual audit work. The Report also comes with the underlying data and recommended mitigating actions so you can ACT on them to minimise risks. 

The Detexian SaaS Assurance Portal helps you track changes and progress done continuously. This helps you automate your SaaS security assurance over time and solidify trust. Ask for a demo now.

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