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Is auditing SaaS permissions a time sink?

For most, SaaS privileged access audit is a manual and resource-intensive process. Painful to do, it doesn’t get done frequently enough.

Why do you need to audit SaaS permissions?

We live in a SaaS world where anyone can just subscribe online and start using a SaaS platform. Putting shadow IT aside, even for authorized SaaS platforms, the gatekeepers for organizational data are no longer central IT managers but SaaS owners in different business teams. Most business folks fire up a SaaS and delve straight into its functional features. Security is an afterthought at best. Consequently, data security is in the hands of users who can set and change configuration.

As privileged users can change configuration, users and destroy or export data, gaining visibility into who they are, keeping track of changes over time is crucial to secure data. Common user misconfigurations such as lack of MFA, excessive privileges, unauthorized data sharing are leading causes of data breaches.

Aside from mitigating data breach risks, being able to provide evidence of privileged access oversight is a compliance requirement for regulated entities, their vendors and suppliers. Many of our customers are SaaS-first organizations working towards achieving SOC 2 Type 2 certification or CPS 234 compliance to secure contracts with large customers.

But it is painful to do, and therefore it doesn’t get done frequently enough.

Doing a SaaS permission audit means chasing down administrators across different SaaS platforms and business teams, logging into each platform and recording all the privileged users in a spreadsheet, and keeping track of changes time and time again. This is not only time consuming, but also disruptive to the business. And before you know it, things have changed. More SaaS solutions and users are added, admins change and so do the types of data stored.

Taking “manual” out of privileged access audit for SaaS.

What if you never had to log into every SaaS to do a privileged access audit again? If both the current and historical states of privileged access were available in a single consolidated view? Detexian provides this single-pane of glass for privileged access in SaaS solutions. On-board to the platform once and be ready for not only your current but all future privileged access audits at the click of a button.

Find out how you can automate this process in minutes and keep track of changes at all times. Inquire now for a free demo.

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