Misconfigured Zendesk is a perfect recipe for a customer impacting breach


A popular platform to manage customer relationships for over 100,000 businesses, it is common to find customers’ PII and financial data in Zendesk accounts. This coupled with the fact that Zendesk is often managed by customer support teams with a high staff turnover makes it a perfect recipe for a data breach.

Routine account audits to check for MFA, SSO, least privilege access, safe IP logins, etc are key to minimise account takeover and data theft risk. For example, if you allow third-party contractors to manage customer relationships on your behalf using Zendesk, you want to review their administrative rights and account details to ensure they have not invited unknown individuals and email addresses.

With Detexian, you will have continuous visibility of the security hygiene of Zendesk accounts and keep track of configuration changes. IT/security teams can say goodbye to manual routine account audits while customer support staff can get on with their jobs without being disrupted.

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