Preventing Zoombombing and unauthorized data sharing on Zoom


After Zoom’s recent negative publicities, you would have known by now anyone could bomb a Zoom call, share sensitive screens and files in a call, if you don’t have the right security settings enabled.

And even if you did apply the settings globally, chances are users can still modify the settings to their preferences. Unless you go to the extent of locking down everything, which can render Zoom pretty useless, you may want to allow specific users/teams the flexibility to enable certain data sharing functions but have a way to easily keep track of these approved settings variations and be alerted to irregular, high-risk events. For example, you want to know what files have been shared in calls with external parties; or if someone has changed settings to allow recordings to be saved to their local drives.

Use Detexian’s FREE Zoom Security Risk Assessor to get immediate visibility of security variations across Zoom users and track irregular, high-risk events.

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