Securing cloud data while employees work from home


With the spread of COVID-19, today WHO declared it a pandemic. This has caused most businesses to reevaluate their business continuity plans and often add “Work from home” as a contingency option, which has caused IT and security teams to hastily deploy this capability for their organisation.

When solutions are concepted, designed and deployed very rapidly, security is often an afterthought. Many companies are rapidly enabling remote working with SaaS solutions to deliver to this changing business requirement.

This enablement is taking the form of allowing user login from new locations, new devices and often completely new solutions that aren’t configured securely. Lack of MFA is a common misconfiguration that makes account takeover attacks successful.

Once you have enabled your staff to work remotely, your focus should move to ensuring that the SaaS solutions are configured securely to protect your business critical and customer sensitive data being stored in them.

Detexian is the simplest way to manage unseen security misconfigurations in SaaS solutions any time, on or off network. Within minutes, you’ll gain visibility of misconfiguration risks and how to address them to safeguard SaaS data.

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