Worried about Slack users in your organization slacking off on data security? Find out how to gain visibility without the need to upgrade to Slack Plus or Enterprise.


As we come to the end of 2019, it’s time to reflect on what was a monster year for Slack: over half of the Fortune 100 use their product, they broke through the 10 million active daily users barrier and they had their IPO in June.

This rapid uptake of their platform has meant securing Slack is a problem for many organizations. Corporate security and IT teams often demand Enterprise grade features like SSO and audit log but the business teams only want to pay for standard subscriptions at the most.

Detexian solves this problem by giving security and IT teams visibility of the Slack security controls such as changes in privileged users, MFA settings, non-company users and externally shared channels without the need to upgrade to Slack Plus or Enterprise.

As the Slack audit log is also an Enterprise only feature, Detexian’s newly released feature “Activity Log” provides an immutable activity log of what and when changes to the Slack workspace have happened. This proves to be a critical feature to many organizations both when it’s time to audit user access and in when investigating a potential security incident.

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