How do you detect when your staff are forwarding sensitive data externally or when a mailbox has been compromised?


In a modern cloud-based business, messaging is critical. Your staff often want to be able to use any device from any location to send and receive email; and if it’s not an option, they will create auto-forwarding to get around the rules to their personal accounts which offer this flexibility.

In addition, an auto-forward rule to an external domain is a common indicator of a business email compromise by external hackers. Log in, create forward rule and then monitor from afar before attempting an invoice or account fraud is a very successful technique. According to AIG business email compromise is the number one driver of cyber insurance claims in 2018.

Detexian detects all existing and new auto-forward rules in the most common SaaS email platforms, classifies them to internal and external domains and then monitors for the creation of new rules.

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